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Born in Israel from an exuberant and tender loving Moroccan family i was raised in France and thus culturally relate more to eating cheese and drinking good wine than preparing couscous for the extended family tree.

Travel and photography became my combined obsession early on when I discovered the wonders of being lost in translation. Acquiring new languages, along with satisfying my avid curiosity for cultural clashes and bad food experiences, still drive me to this day to take off and work and live in different countries.

After a short stint in South East Asia i put down some roots in Northern California and now call a small fishing village North of Dublin my home. Any place i go can potentially quench my need for extraordinary human encounters and visual amazement.


This collection of photos is my small window into the global human experience, my need to celebrate in contemplation nature’s overwhelming beauty, photography being the best excuse to explore both with a hopeful, positive outlook.

I wish for this web site to enchant you, touch you in some way and encourage you to travel and be a decent and sincere eye witness to the beauty and diversity of cultures in our world, and of course to make you want to hire me to witness and record precious moments of your own life!

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